Scrum Master Toolbox: Sprint Retrospective Checklist [updated Nov. 2020]

In November 2020, Ken Schwaber and Jeff Sutherland presented a renewed Scrum Guide with some additions and modifications to the previous 2017 version. The following checklist picks up those changes, including the removal of old items that are no longer consider essential to the list. Remember to adapt it to your own needs.

Sprint Retrospective
Objective Plan ways to increase quality and effectiveness of the team
Participants Developers, PO, SM
Outcome A plan to increase quality and effectiveness of the team during the next Sprint
Time-box: 3 Hours / 1 Month Sprint
Item Criteria Check
0 Last Sprint regarding Individuals, interactions, processes, and tools inspected
1 Assumptions that led to sub-optimal performance and quality – and their origins – inspected (what went wrong)
2 Productive and helpful behaviors and decisions discussed (what went well)
3 Problems encountered – and their eventual solutions – discussed
4 The most helpful changes to improve effectiveness during the next Sprint identified
5 Changes added to the backlog (when applicable)
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